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Amidst the debate over the merits of the president’s budget for Higher Education, there is one thing we should all agree on, and one thing that will enhance HEA’s viability. Supriyo, from your profile it appears that you are based out of London and work in the British education sector Since you are getting your paychecks from the British Education system, for the purposes of this article/discussion it would make you an interested party and not a neutral/impartial observer.

But it’s much better to respond to that oversupply by creating and filling whatever number of minimally decent, non-exploitative jobs than it is to create a bunch of crummy unstable low-paying subsistence-level dead-end exploitative jobs, even if the the exploitation plan would put a lot more people into some level of academic employment.

Minimum Qualifications: Earned doctorate in English Education or closely related field; Previous higher education teaching and research experience; …

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Health education is a social science that draws from the biological, environmental, psychological, physical and medical sciences to promote health and prevent disease, disability and premature death through education-driven voluntary behavior change activities. Our Bachelor of Science in Health Education & Behavior program enables students to focus their coursework on interest areas in health education and health promotion in community, clinical, or worksite settings, as well as in health studies, thus preparing them for related industry jobs or graduate programs.health education

Plato thinks education as a key for a society and he stress on education, for this purpose he want to go to the extreme level even removing children from their mothers and rise them by the state, he want to identify the skills of the children and give them proper education for that particular skill which they have so they could be become a suitable member of the society and …


Hedmark University of Applied Sciences has been a driving force in a number of significant international programs and research projects about responsible, sustainable living. This is just only one sction from them,there are a lot more to tell.taking this as a lesson we should convert all the konwledge in the world into language known to us (globalisation), then of course it is for sure only the best leads the race – it wil be us for sure.

Published by many education magazines and textbook publishers, including Scholastic Scope, My Weekly Reader, Phi Delta Kappan, New York Teacher, ATA News, Teen Newsweek, McGraw-Hill, Oxford University Press, Pearson Education, John Wiley & Sons, Cengage Learning, Bedford St. Martins, Longman Publishers, Hodder Edcucation, Nelson Education, Kendall Hunt Publishing and many others.about educationabout education

The Centre has been working in the Gaza Strip since 2011 in partnership with a Palestinian Non-Governmental Organisation called the Canaan Institute …

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For more than 100 years, students have come to MTSU for the academics and atmosphere. The curriculum is driven by the seven components of wellness: physical, occupational, social, intellectual, environmental, emotional, and spiritual, using the physical dimension as a foundation. Well qualified faculty help students develop performance and teaching skills needed to create, teach and assess physical education lessons in any grade from kindergarten through grade twelve.

They achieved their successes through education and implementation of time needed curriculum. Physical education develops fitness and fosters the desire for lifelong participation in physical activity. As a foundation for lifelong physical activity participation and enhanced performance, students acquire an understanding of how the body moves and develop positive attitudes towards physical activity participation.physical educationphysical education

The Physical Activity objectives for Healthy People 2020 reflect the strong state of the science supporting the health benefits of regular physical activity among youth and adults, as identified …

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The School of Education at Utah Valley University is now offering a major in Special Education. Making it easy for teachers across the country to discover their perfect teaching placement, Tes Jobs helps thousands of teachers boost their careers and find their dream teaching jobs. As swami Vivekananda mentions, western education has done more harm and was necessary to keep India subjugated.

If the students ask the teacher to help them in writing a letter to invite a speaker, the teacher will not write the letter for them, but he will guide them. When it comes to love songs (songs with love” in the title), Justin Bieber had the top spot on Valentine’s Day in 2016 with Love Yourself ,” and he’s primed to repeat this feat in 2017.

Employment of special education teachers is projected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average …