Adult & Continuing Education

Welcome to the Lifelong Learning and Adult Education Program at Penn State: one of the leading international programs in the study and practice of adult teaching and learning! Active participation is especially important to adult learners in comparison to children. High School 21+ (HS21+) is a competency-based program for people age 21 or older to earn a high school diploma. They aid in food insecurity for Valley families in need with programs such as Harvest House and the Grow Your Own education

In addition to adult instructional services , the Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning provides GED® testing for Maryland residents who have not earned a high school diploma. However, in advanced industrial society, status in adult life is largely achieved: example, individuals achieve their occupational educationadult education

Even in countries with mature systems of childhood education, however, opportunities for higher or even sometimes secondary education are unequal among …

Why Is Bilingual Education Better?

Step #1: Submit a UTRGV Graduate Application at /gradapply The university application fee of $50 ($100 for International Applicants) can be paid online by credit card or electronic check (in the online application). Some educators promote bilingual education as a way of maintaining one’s native language and culture.” That is not the responsibility of our public schools but of the family and community. What’s currently being proposed in California is to allow bilingual education, thus benefiting millions of Spanish speaking students who right now are taking English-only classes.

However, the federal government has been a strong supporter of establishing Canada as a bilingual country and has helped pioneer the French immersion programs in the public education systems throughout Canada. Linguistic barriers to learning in regular classrooms put these students at risk of poor education outcomes.

Interestingly, bilingual education is not a new development in the United States. Bilingual education remained …