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Instead of being taught in philosophy departments, philosophy of education is usually housed in departments or colleges of education, 7 8 9 similar to how philosophy of law is generally taught in law schools. The modern period in philosophy, beginning in the late nineteenth century to the 1950’s, was marked by a developing schism in philosophy between ‘Continental’ tradition, which is mainly Franco-German, and the English and American ‘Analytic’ tradition.philosophy of education

Plato further focuses that music doesn’t give them knowledge about science and the truth which had harmony in them, and therefore people have no instinct to search for truthIn the republic there is a debate either music and gymnastic should be the part of education or not, as if they are, then they don’t inculcate the instinct to search for truth and if they are excluded then the art will be excluded from the education.

Still, it remains possible to question the support any such entrenched philosophical view is seen as providing for education as traditionally conceived (Does Lockean empiricism really support a top-down transmission of accumulated wisdom model of teaching, as Prof.philosophy of education

So, devising ways to successfully document student’s improvement in philosophy and articulating why such a skill is vital to our community is not only helpful for my personal pedagogical goals but it is also an important contribution to the discipline.

Here arises the close relationship between education and philosophy, because, in the common sense, philosophy involves an endless process of quest, to analyze and criticize knowledge, to find out inconsistencies, to remove prejudices and stereotypes.philosophy of education