Bilingual Education Endorsement

The Office of Bilingual Education Programs is charged with the identification and assessment of language dominance and proficiency of all new students entering the Meriden Public Schools whose first language is not English. In grade 1, the deficits for bilingual education students were over one-third of a standard deviation and statistically significant. Consequently, the term bilingual education includes the concept of bicultural education (Ovando and Collier 1985). We also have learned that the students who participate in a good bilingual program perform better in English.bilingual education

National Language Profile of the Mexican Origin Population in the United States.” In Mexican in Comparative Perspective, edited by W. Connor. This course, taught in Spanish, examines different theories, approaches, and current practices of literacy development and their implications for biliteracy instruction for Spanish‐ speaking bilingual students.

With special strength in the past ten years bilingual education has worked at most elementary schools. Knowing how to speak and read two languages creates many opportunities for students, who are later able to use their bilingual skills to secure better jobs and to participate fully in society.bilingual educationbilingual education

However, these effects of bilingual education may not necessarily generalize to larger, more urban districts or to limited English proficient students whose native language is not Spanish. Some of the insistence on English-first was founded in research produced decades ago, in which bilingual students underperformed monolingual English speakers and had lower IQ scores.

When schools provide children quality education in their primary language, they give them two things: knowledge and literacy. This course, taught in Spanish, focuses on the use of academic Spanish in the teaching of science, mathematics, social science, music, art, and language arts, and current approaches of teaching those subjects in bilingual classrooms.