Bilingual Education Is Back On The Ballot In California

Contact us to start your path to being successful, problem-solving and proactive in your career as an educator. The Bilingual Education Department serves the Lansing School District as the central location for services, outreach, and data regarding our bilingual students, families and staff. Students are offered an opportunity to gain valuable classroom experience working alongside teachers who are fully involved in providing quality bilingual education.

In fact, in 2007-08, 61 percent of all Texas LEP pupils were enrolled in grades PK-3. Education experts attribute part of the decline in bilingual teachers and classes to the troubled legacy of bilingual education in the state. But they may be in the best position to reinvent bilingual education precisely because they know the high stakes of failure, including both the crippling effects of not speaking English and the devastation of losing a linguistic heritage.bilingual educationbilingual education

However, when respondents are simply asked whether or not they support bilingual education, the degree of support is quite strong: From 60-99 percent of samples of parents and teachers say they support bilingual education (Krashen, 1996). The new law also requires that districts provide information on the types of language programs available in an annual notice to parents.

Provide bilingual educators with more high-quality professional development opportunities. Both in California and Arizona, state test reports show students learning English in an average of two years, and achieving passing scores on reading and math tests as well.

On the island of Hokkaido , the indigenous and endangered Ainu language is receiving newfound interest with establishment of a small number of bilingual Ainu-Japanese elementary schools. A bilingual program with a transitional linguistic and cultural goal is one that uses the native language and culture of the student only to the extent necessary for the child to acquire English and thus function in the regular school curriculum.bilingual education