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It’s therefore no surprise that online colleges and universities have proliferated. You had the drama department, you had the comedy department, you had the factual department, you had the children’s department, and my belief has always been the web rewards joined-up solutions that break down some of those traditional silos between education

We believe that the Internet has the advantage of cost effectiveness, and as such, makes it easier for the public to adopt and replicate models for intelligent poverty alleviation; a milestone in promoting education equality in the entire education industry.

On the technical side, WTCC offers cutting-edge associate degree programs in computer programming and development, criminal justice technology, fire protection technology and information system security, as well as three pathways dedicated to web design and development.

The most recent school records cite an overall enrollment of 2,630 students and a student-faculty ratio of 20 to 1. In addition to its traditional academic programs, SVCC recently received a $1.4 million grant to retrain professional coal miners who have been displaced by poor economic conditions.

Through Indiana State Online, students can pursue more than 60 online programs, such as bachelor’s degrees in adult career education, nursing, human resources development and health services, and master’s degrees ranging from mathematics to technology management to curriculum and educationonline education