Education Outreach

Plato was the earliest most important Greek Philosopher and educational thinker. And, I also agree with you that some kind of revival is under way, and we should hope to regain our ‘rightful’ place in the world in the coming days. Education can truly change a person’s life – and this scholarship just might be that first step. I am acutely aware that Indian economy was large and prominent in the world as late as 1850s, that’s what the late British Historian Angus Madison shows us, but there are reasons why we slipped since.

Created by former Superintendent Manhas in 2008, to issue a report about reform recommendations for SPS. As you say, India’s greatness will not come from the growth of GDP, but how many of its citizens have a decent life, have enough to eat, have access to healthcare and education and can hope to have a decent life.about education

ACI’s Education Programme provides globally acknowledged, portable, professional qualifications that enhance career prospects, improve job performance and set benchmarks within the industry. Higher education should be given from twenty to thirty-five years of age, he well study the subjects at this stage mathematics, literature and philosophy.about education

A lot of the debate is either really about education being turned, or slipping, into something else, or reflecting a lack of balance between the informal and formal. Since I wrote this post five years ago, I have had several conversations, both online and offline, about the merits of Macaulay and the education system he created.about education

They scratched the soil and left the root exposed and the beautiful tree perished.” The beautiful tree Gandhiji referred to was the tree of education. And then English has been adopted in India as a language of education and literary expression besides being an important medium of communication on a vast scale.