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A post-secondary degree is a degree obtained from a post-secondary institution, which is an institution that offers schooling after secondary school resulting in an associate, bachelor’s or other more advanced degree. Secondary education students participate in the entire range of student life on- and off-campus — from service organizations like PC Pals and Campus Ministry to varsity and intramural athletics, student government, and cultural groups. Our programs are recognized by state and national accrediting agencies including the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Illinois State Teacher Certification Board.

Secondary education students often further explore their academic interests and broaden their cultural and global perspectives by working with children around the world. For those students wishing to continue on to graduate school, a degree in secondary education is preparation for a variety of graduate programs.

Towson University has been a leader in teacher preparation for 150 years, and its programs are recognized for their high quality and innovation. In these models, objectives serve as the basis for devising subsequent elements, with evaluation (assessment) indicating the degree of achievement of those objectives.

A student must have passed through Teacher Education Program Checkpoint II in order to enroll in SEDU 454. Kansas State Department of Education currently allows licensed teachers to add another endorsement by passing the required Praxis test. Ü No objection is raised by the teacher in connection with the availability of sources and resources.secondary education

A student must have passed through the Teacher Education Program Checkpoint I in order to enroll in EDCO 303, EDCO 390, SEDU 310 and SEDU 365. Applicants will only be considered if they submit an online complete application and attach a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV).secondary educationsecondary education