Frequently Asked Questions

The education system is the instrument a society uses to equip all its people to lead productive public lives and full personal lives according to their talent and interest. The Communications Committee, chaired by Chris Bonner, provides advice to the administration and board of education on messages, delivery vehicles, and focus to ensure clarity, accuracy, and transparency of all district communications to all stakeholders.board of educationboard of educationboard of education

Whether it is consulting with communities on how the board will provide French Immersion programs or offer before and after school programs or name a new school, it is the local trustee who makes sure that the community has a direct way to express its views on vital education decisions that affect our day-to-day lives.

Provide every student with highly effective teachers, educational leaders, and all other school personnel necessary to achieve success consistent with measurable goals. Janet Campbell says she was trying to do the taxpayers a good turn in 1997 when she took her suspicions about inflated costs in University of California-San Francisco roof replacement jobs to the FBI.

Policies set out the expectations about what should happen or how services are to be provided within the school board. The U.S. Department of Education’s National Center on Education Statistics produces a vast amount of detailed information and statistics on American education.

Under its authority, the State Board sets the educational policy and standards for pre-kindergarten through high school and for Maryland’s public libraries, juvenile services education and vocational rehabilitation services, passes regulations that have the force of law and is empowered to interpret the true meaning and intent of the law.