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The Secondary Education program is designed to serve those secondary school teachers who desire to remain classroom teachers. Thus the education system sifts, sorts and grades individuals in terms of their talents and abilities. Western New England University offers master’s degrees for secondary teachers in English, Mathematics, and Curriculum and Instruction. Without alumni and friends’ support, student debt would be substantial, rendering an education at Vanderbilt impossible for many top students.

This packet of information provides details about the requirements for secondary Masters of Arts in Teaching program admission and requirements. Secondary Education degrees prepare students to teach at the junior and senior high school levels (grades 6-12). The first stage of education takes place in an eight-year general-education school.secondary education

Advice Government on all matters on Secondary Education (including staffing, financing equipment, infrastructure development and maintenance etc). Must be approved by the Department of Languages and Literature and the College of Education. Students seeking science teacher licensure have to take more hours and may prefer to complete their undergraduate degree and then enroll in the one year Secondary MAT program.secondary education

An advisor in the education department will be assigned upon the student’s admission to a teacher education program, though the primary advisor resides in the fine arts department. This occurs after the system has been treated through secondary prevention strategies.secondary education

The degree is recognised nationally and internationally for those who aspire to teach students aged twelve to eighteen in public and private schools. Must be accompanied by a major or minor in Economics, History, or Political Science. The School is proud of its consistently positive feedback from employers who say Curtin teachers are of excellent quality and well prepared for the education industry.