How Online Education Works

If you are enrolled in a Canvas you can select your class from there without any further log ins. In many cases, the skills you gain during your studies will eclipse the degree that you earn. As a result, many of the school’s courses are exclusively online and follow an asynchronous (or self-paced) timetable. While this does provide the opportunity for high quality education for those who would not otherwise be able to purse their studies, other online students long for a traditional college experience.

Like steam, online education is a disruptive innovation — one that introduces more convenient and affordable products or services that over time transform sectors. If you have a high school diploma and/or some college credits to your name, an online bachelor’s degree program may be the right fit.

Master of Arts (M.A.) options include degrees in applied learning and instruction, educational leadership and English-technical communication. All online associate programs at the university are 60 credits in length; according to the transfer agreement, at least 15 of these required credits must be obtained through Liberty education

The majority of IWU’s online degree opportunities are available at the graduate level. Students can pursue master’s degrees in areas such as health and human performance, liberal studies, and special education. Synchronous Instruction: Online courses taught in a synchronous format require all students to log in at scheduled times to live-stream lectures, participate in real-time discussions, and/or engage in other types of collaborative group educationonline education

We have hundreds of agreements with two-year institutions that enable you to take the eligible credits you’ve earned and apply them to a degree program. The perceived dividing line between these two modes of education is becoming increasingly blurred to prospective employers.