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The Secondary School Teaching programs includes educational foundations course work, methods and curriculum courses relevant to their teaching specialty, clinical and student teaching experiences. A Secondary Education General Science degree prepares students to teach general science courses in the areas of chemistry, earth & space science, physics, and biology at the middle, junior, and senior high school levels (grades 6-12). All initial teacher education programs are required to be reaccredited with the VIT every five years.

The Student Education Association of Maine, a campus offshoot of the Maine Education Association, hosts workshops and professional development events. The income varies among individuals depending on both the level of the degree and the type, such as chemistry, engineering, or art history.secondary education

Find out more about the advantages of studying secondary education at Towson University. This capstone course for education majors is taken in conjunction with student teaching. Students spend 20 hours in their junior year observing in a secondary classroom and assisting the classroom teacher in conjunction with EDUCĀ 386, Curriculum and Methods in Adolescent Education.

Teacher candidates will investigate multiple methods of assessment that support student engagement, monitoring student progress, and guiding decision-making. Secondary education students can complement their academic studies through involvement in co-curricular clubs and honor societies.secondary educationsecondary education

Teachers are certified in one of two areas for high school (and in some states, certification can be to teach grades 6-12). Students must maintain satisfactory evaluations of performance in all clinical experiences in order to progress through the teacher education program.