Marjorie K. Unterberg School Of Nursing And Health Studies

The objective of our physical education program is to help students understand and appreciate the body’s capacity for movement, as well as the physical, mental, social and emotional outcomes of physical activity that positively contribute to health and well-being. This short course in PE contributes to the Wellbeing programme by providing learning experiences which support students in beingĀ better able and more motivated to include regular physical activity in their lives, thereby contributing to their overall experience of wellbeing.physical education

In his teaching, the teacher needs to look at the way pupils go about their work and not just at the products; he also needs to listen to pupil’s ideas and try to understand their reasoning and discuss the problems so that pupils reveal their ways of thinking.physical education

Contrary to popular belief, only a small fraction of India in 2008 can speak English, and a further fraction actually prefers it. (Going by Census 2001 data on education, my guess for both fractions is a quarter, though I could be overestimating.) Education, jobs and opportunities for self-improvement go only to this quarter of a quarter.

The content of the subject is selected in advance before the teaching learning process; the subject matter is logically organized from simple to complex with the help of the experts, specialists, teacher’s supervisors, planners, writers and administrators.physical education

Due to the fact that a child’s thinking is more flexible when it is based on reversible operations, the teacher should teach them pairs of inverse operations in arithmetic together, and teach that subtraction and addition nullify each other, and multiplication and division nullify each other (ibid, p.58).