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As a Secondary Education teacher, you will have no greater opportunity to make a huge difference in a middle school or high school student’s life – whether by encouraging a student with low self-esteem, helping a struggling student to understand a difficult topic, or pushing a gifted learner to take advantage of their talents. To those critics who criticize the activity curriculum as the most expensive pattern of curriculum organization, the advocates of an activity programme will give a reply that there is no such thing as a good cheap education:. Must be approved by Department of Languages and Literatures and College of Education.secondary educationsecondary educationsecondary education

Consequently, the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) is currently undertaking accreditation with the Victorian Institute of Teaching. The latent function of the behavior is the effect or result that is not apparent to the members of the society who engage in it. So a latent function of education is the Hidden Curriculum.

Offered through the College of Education, this regionally accredited and Arizona State Board of Education-approved master in education degree program prepares you for employment anywhere a licensure is required, including public and private schools. If academically qualified, a pupil may also transfer to the Gymnasium The Gymnasium, the third alternative for German youth, offers rigorous academic preparation for higher education.

Brookwood Baptist / Campbell Scholarship—The Brookwood Scholarship guidelines state the recipient should be an undergraduate with a preference to early childhood education majors. It is the task of the teacher to discover these interests and to build educational activities upon them.

In many ways, as a PC secondary education student, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds. Graduates from Mount Mercy’s secondary education program find success in public, private and charter schools, at community service agencies, childcare facilities, and with youth service institutions.