Pitt Community College

If you’re a non-traditional student and you want to learn, you’re in the right place. Here at UNLV Continuing Education, we design and develop innovative and comprehensive courses for your professional advancement, personal enrichment, professional certification, and skill enhancement through workshops, classes, seminars and conferences.

As a counselor and Life Coach I see that irrespective of the medium of instructions or the range of sophistication of the education pattern, grown ups are struggling with many issues of self image, self esteem, emotional stability and lack of purpose.

The Richmond Board of Education encourages and supports lifelong learning through its Continuing Education department. CE’s classes can offer more control over your schedule so you can accomplish more, focus on new subject areas, and complete your degree on your schedule.continuing educationcontinuing educationcontinuing education

You are exactly the types the british prayed for and unfortunately have among us. What we have is not education but english memorizing talent stuffling uncreative brains thanks to the British and English. Continuing Education courses at the school allow you to immerse yourself in art-making and creativity while maintaining your work and family schedules.

Professional Development and Licensure programs in real estate , medicine , dentistry , podiatry , law , physical therapy , and others allow you to maintain your professional license or start a new profession. Our courses and workshops are taught by University staff who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise.