Principal’s Point Of View

When we talk about Gandhiji, automatically certain ideals come to our mind i.e. truth, nonviolence, simplicity, love for all, leadership, dignity of labour and implementation or practicising ideas rather than just propagating them. Second, general philosophy may be one of the subjects in the curriculum of higher education and philosophy of education may be, and presumably should be, part of the curriculum of teacher education, if teachers are to think clearly and carefully about what they are doing.

Some such normative theory of education is implied in every instance of educational endeavor, for whatever education is purposely engaged in, it explicitly or implicitly assumed that certain dispositions are desirable and that certain methods are to be used in acquiring or fostering them, and any view on such matters is a normative theory of philosophy of education.philosophy of education

My philosophy of teaching law is that because determining the best legal rule depends on social morality, social policy, and human experience, and because we all have a pretty good understanding of these elements, students have the ability to determine, from their own knowledge, what the best legal rule in any given case would be. To implement this philosophy, I use the Socratic method.philosophy of educationphilosophy of education

From what has been said above, adult education in Tanzania has always been based on the realization that development, in any form is of the people especially adults who are engaged daily in productive activities and who urgently need education as an awareness raiser and a catalyst for self- development and community development in general.

The critical impulse, like the analytical one, shares the characteristic of trying to clear the ground of misconceptions and ideologies, where these misrepresent the needs and interests of disadvantaged groups; like the prescriptive impulse, the critical impulse is driven by a positive conception of a better, more just and equitable, society.