Projectile Motion Problems

The Department of Physical Education offers a variety of programs reflecting the College’s commitment to the ideals of a liberal arts education.  Our program emphasizes the importance and effect of physical activity and exercise on the health and well-being of all individuals, and expands into related areas such as coaching and leadership under the umbrella of Professional Physical Education. The curriculum plan is flexible, to accept new modification to conform to the needs and interests of particular learner’s In fact, in some curriculum designs the learner may develop his or her own curriculum plan with the guidance of a teacher.physical education

The Bachelor of Education (Physical Education) has built up an international reputation as being an innovative qualification, with high-quality graduates taught by staff who are leaders in the field of physical education. Jamie’s interest in the health behaviours of young people has led to him working with Education Leeds and the Department of Health to help promote physical activity in school settings and across a range of target groups.physical education

If the learning opportunities are not based on the needs and interests of the learners then there is no assurance that the learners well equipped with the skills to participate effectively in social activities; students as adults and good citizens. We are confident that the learning experiences in PESS will be inspiring, enjoyable and encouraging.

This movement from the traditional curriculum towards a programme that stresses the interests and needs of students, This approach was used by Rousseau in the education of Emile, then Dewy in his laboratory School in 1896-1904. My cousins were always the outdoor, adventurous types, learning how to canoe and windsurf and abseil and so on. One day, one of them climbed onto the top of the house to fix some tiles with my uncle.

In activity curriculum the need for practice grows out of the learning situation. Physical education is a dynamic field, constantly evolving as societal trends, demographics, and other factors impact upon it. The National Standards for Sport Coaches, 2nd edition, is a playbook for running a successful training program.physical education