Public Health Education

UNESCO works to achieve Education for All by promoting the health of every individual within the school community. Oral health education helps individuals to prevent oral disorders and helps in diagnosis and care. World Health Organisation reports confirm that environmental pollution is killing 1.7 million children each year. Also without proper health care system in the schools lot of activities can’t part of the curriculum due to the risk factor to the health of the students and educationhealth education

Their learning experiences are designed to develop the skills needed to select and apply appropriate and culturally responsive behavioral and social change strategies to enhance health in communities and at-risk populations. Work with infectious agents in public and private research; public health and diagnostic laboratories and in animal care facilities has expanded.

The only accreditation available in this field was for school health and public health professional preparation programs. Through this onsite learning experience, students will engage with other public health professionals and train for the public health workforce.

CHES is Certified Health Education Specialists and MCHES is the Master Certified Health Education Specialists. In a continuation of Practical Skills in Public Health I, students will further develop practical skills related to working in the public health workforce.

Plato not only consider better education for men but also believe on strong body and sound mind, for body he recommend sports and for sound mind music. You will apply the theories and models of health behavior to real-world scenarios encountered in health education and public education