Q&A With Patricia Gándara On Bilingual Education

For us, bilingual education means that learners study typical school subjects – for example, maths or geography – through an additional language (such as English) and some subjects through their first language, or they may study the same subject through two languages. California alone enrolls 1.4 million limited-English children in its schools—one of every four students in the state. There are not enough newly certified bilingual teachers to replace all those who are retiring. Bilingual education offers great opportunities to both language-majority and language-minority populations.

Many schools have either bilingual or dual language immersion programs that were established while Prop. There is the opportunity to work towards a further professional qualification in the field of Education both within schools and in other settings, including progression to a PhD or EdD.bilingual education

The US has many limited English proficient students, and several rigorous evaluations of bilingual education exist for US programs, which is why the US is the focus here. Administrators need to insure that the curriculum is not only appropriate for bilingual students, but is also implemented uniformly in all classrooms.

The demand for new dual-language programs in many parts of the country is being driven by white, middle-class English-speakers. Bilingual education students must be perceived as full-fledged members of the school community. The top five language groups included Spanish, Polish, Korean , Vietnamese , and Assyrian In 1990, 44,955 students were identified as needing bilingual education.

Yet in two years only four school districts have succeeded in obtaining waivers from the department, permitting them to initiate English-language programs for limited-English students. Progressive education advocates see both cultural and academic benefits to a K-12 curriculum structured around progressive education in two languages in tandem, with a more attenuated, but intensive, pathway to mastering both.bilingual educationbilingual education