Secondary Degree?

Towson University’s secondary education programs offer a strong academic foundation combined with transformative field experiences. Each program in the NDTA fulfills the legacy of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt by fostering inclusive and engaging relationships among teacher candidates, faculty, school practitioners, and learners; immersing teacher candidates intensively in diverse school and community cultures; nurturing social justice leadership skills and dispositions; and coaching candidates toward career success.

Accepted models of curriculum design emerging from studies of school-based education last century, are classified as product” (aka rational – Print, 1993 or objectives – Tyler, 1949), interactive” (Taba, 1962), cyclical” (Print, 1993), or process” (Wheeler, 1967; Stenhouse, 1975, and Hawes, 1979).

They must maintain expected levels of competence in all coursework, field work, and student teaching with all course grades at or above a B-. Additionally, teacher candidates are expected to adhere to standards of professionalism as articulated in the UVU Professional Teacher Dispositions document.secondary education

This course of study provides a developmental perspective as a starting place, follows with an inquiry into the issues that face contemporary educators and schools, looks at techniques for improving middle and secondary students’ reading and writing across the curriculum, and examines research into methods of teaching middle/secondary school subjects.

Demonstration of satisfactory potential for teaching, including evidence of emotional stability and a satisfactory record as to conduct, character, and mental health, to the effect that the applicant does not have any personal qualities prejudicial to satisfactory performance as a teacher.secondary educationsecondary education