Secondary Education And Foundations

Do you remember your favorite teacher – the special person who encouraged and motivated you to follow your dreams? To continue in the teacher education program, students are expected to maintain all program standards. An extensive number of secondary teaching areas are available at Monash, which draw on a wide range of majors and specialisations in the eight partner degrees.secondary education

Major emphasis is focused on planning instructional objectives and lessons, assessing objectives, and developing teaching methodology that encourages problem solving, active participation, and assessment. Each major is carefully designed to meet the requirements for Massachusetts licensure and your University course requirements.secondary education

Secondary education programs are offered through the college of the discipline being studied. Consider the following high-need teaching fields when choosing your major and minor: Chinese, Computer Science, English as a Second Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, and Spanish.secondary education

The secondary education program coordinator routinely receives phone calls from area administrators encouraging Morris graduates to apply for positions in their schools. Secondary education majors are flexible, critical thinkers who constantly make ethical decisions.

Teachers should have a broad general education with specialized training in child and adolescent development, guidance and methods of teaching. You’ll study specific discipline courses in your two chosen teaching areas in your Education studies. Self-efficacy refers to one’s confidence in his or her ability to perform a behavior.