Adult education empowers individuals to become self-sufficient, with skills necessary for future employment and personal successes.  My adult things generally only make it to the planning stage… maybe i’ll do one at a time… but then once they are actually done they are so far behind that it doesn’t even really feel like an accomplishment… so i just sit around waiting for my hyperbole and a half posts to cheer me up. so KUDOS!

The open university, in theory at least, aspires to a kind of universal higher education It is intended to serve only mature or older adults studying part-time; it has no standardized entry requirements; and it attempts to combine various educational technologies and techniques—correspondence instruction, mass-communication media, personal counseling , and short-term residential courses.

The NJ Department of Education has contracted with the Center for Effective School Practices , part of the Rutgers Graduate School of Education, to provide the required 200 hours of Alternate Route Training for these non-traditional teacher candidates.

The three elective concentration courses augment these learnings with rigorous training in assessment and instruction, extensive reading, writing and dialogue on the application of theory to practice, and networking with adult learning leaders and colleagues in Virginia and educationadult education

In some educationally advanced countries—such as Australia, New Zealand , Canada , and the United States—adults have long had opportunities to pursue part-time education leading to university degrees, but these programs have usually been carbon copies of programs offered to regular education