TESOL, Bilingual Education

This is a bilingual certification that is experienced primarily in Spanish. In order for students to obtain the bilingual certification, they have to pass a State language proficiency exam. Qualifying students can not participate in a bilingual education program with less than thirty months to graduation (students arriving at or after grade 10).

And one concrete improvement has already occurred: the New York City Board of Education announced an end in 1996 to the automatic testing for English-language skills that children with Spanish surnames had undergone when they started school. We need teacher policy in this state and in this country that focuses on those young people that have this growing asset and really makes it attractive for them to become bilingual teachers.

Under the new law, students can learn English through multiple programs outside of English immersion classes. The assumption that a bilingual person is more proficient in one of his languages than the other. In 1975, the state of Texas reported a total LEP enrollment of about 25,000 students.

In the United States, methods to measure student achievement have not drastically changed in the past twenty years. My professional interests are in curriculum development, staff development, early childhood, dual language, special education, language development, and bilingual education practice.bilingual education

As a result, says Sorace, bilingual children as young as age 3 have demonstrated a head start on tests of perspective-taking and theory of mind — both of which are fundamental social and emotional skills. The combination of first language subject matter teaching and literacy development that characterizes good bilingual programs indirectly but powerfully aids students as they strive for a third factor essential to their success: English proficiency.bilingual educationbilingual education