What You Need To Know About Education

Genes play a bigger role in educational achievement than teachers, schools or home environment, and the reason we know this – apparently – is because we can compare the performance of thousands of pairs of twins. Plato also believed that human beings enter the world with an inborn knowledge of reality, a position called nativism. Think of it this way: If our education system was better, and our nationhood was so glorious, how would the British conquer us in the first place, to give Macaulay this chance of subverting us.about education

Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; ‘the point is to change it’. In 1901, John Dewey wrote The Child and the Curriculum, and later Democracy and Education, in which he shows concern for the relationship between society and education.

This new series will be open to original, innovative and rigorous scholarly work by ethnomusicologists, historical sociologists, and music archaeologists who study the music of the ancient through recent past, anywhere in the world. The knowledge gained as a result of education should be useful both for individual and the society.

He considers education the greatest thing in human life as he mention in his book the one great thing”. I think English has opened India up to the world, and should enable us to become that curious, confident nation ready to engage with the world. For instance, women who became pregnant soon after the end of the Second World War had a higher-than-average chance of carrying non-identical twins.about educationabout education

To that end, we work to elevate authentic voices in the reform movement, particularly those of color with the most at stake who have often been marginalized in the rush to drive reform. Rest of the indians fell prey to dumb education system capable of any professional skills.